FAQ - Sport-Études Basketball

What is a Sport-Études program?

A Sport-Études program is designed to support student athletes in achieving academic and athletic success. The school and sport federation work together to offer student athletes academic and athletic services adapted to their specific needs and allow them to train and compete during regular school hours. 


What kind of training will the Sport-Études Basketball program offer?

The Sport-Études Basketball offers training focused on the complete technical, tactical, physical and mental development of each individual athlete.

Training - Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental

Technical training develops the athlete’s skills.
Tactical training develops the athlete’s understanding of the game.
Physical training develops the athlete’s athletic abilities.
Mental training develops the athlete’s mindset and character.

The mission of the Sport-Études program is to give athletes the tools they need to have long, successful and fulfilling playing careers.

When and where does the Sport-Études Basketball program training take place?

The training takes place every school day afternoon from 1:00PM to 4:00PM at the Centre sportif de Gatineau.

How many athletes can train in the Sport-Études Basketball program?

A total of 20 to 30 Western Québec School Board students from Grade 7 to 11, 4 to 6 per grade level, will be selected for the Sport-Études Basketball program.

For what team do the Sport-Études Basketball program athletes play?

The athletes are free to play for any school or club team of their choice. The Sport-Études Basketball program will help athletes find a team that is appropriate for their current development level.

How much does the Sport-Études Basketball program cost?

The registration fee is 2500$ per year. This includes transportation, installations, equipment and coaching.

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Head Coach
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